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Who Can Boo The Loudest? Harriet Ziefert

Who Can Boo The Loudest?

Harriet Ziefert

Published 1990
ISBN : 9780060268985
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Harriet Ziefert grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey, where she attended the local schools. She graduated from Smith College, then received a Masters degree in Education from New York University.For many years, Ziefert was an elementary school teacher. She taught most grades from kindergarten to fifth grade. I liked it, she said, but she stopped teaching when she had her own sons. When her children were older, Ziefert wanted a bigger arena for her work. She went to work at a publishing company, Scholastic in New York City, developing materials for teachers guides for kindergarten language arts and social studies programs.About twelve years ago, says Ziefert in a 1995 interview, I tried to get a job as an editor, but no one would hire me as a trade editor. So I decided to write my own books. Since then, she has written several hundred books, mostly picture books and easy-to-read books. I write books very quickly, she says, in about twelve hours. I rewrite them three times over three days, and then theyre done. She writes about twenty books a year.